Rob Cunningham posted this photo of a snowy owl on our Nature Notebook Facebook page.

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Catherine Morris, posted these photos taken from canoe, in a quiet inlet stream into the Madawaska River downstream of Calabogie, 9 Aug 2012


Catherine Morris, some mushrooms seen along the Manitou Mountain Trail (blue section) on 8 Oct 2012.

Cheryl Keetch captured these three shots along Brennan's Creek, during the spring freshet in April 2013.

Wilno Hill, Renfrew County. Photo by Cheryl Keetch

Praying Mantis. Photo by Bev Moses

Baby Snapping Turtle. Photo by Lynn Jones

Leech. Photo by Bev Moses

Northern Water Snake. Photo by Robin Cunningham

Purple Finch. Photo by Bev Moses

Pine Grosbeak. Photo by Robin Cunningham

Song Sparrow. Photo by Bev Moses

Common Redpoll, American Goldfinch, and Pine Siskin. Photo By Robin Cunningham

Male Evening Grosbeak. Photo by Bev Moses

American Black Duck. Photo by Robin Cunningham

Downy Woodpecker. Photo by Bev Moses

Brant Geese. Photo by Robin Cunningham

Bumble Bee. Photo by Cheryl Keetch

Photo by Ole Hendrickson

White-crowned Sparrow. Photo by Cheryl Keetch

Willow Flowers. Photo by Catherine Morris

Pine Grosbeak. Photo by John Haslam

Photos by Catherine Morris

Beaver. Photo by Brenda Moses

Garter Snake. Photo by Claire Hendrickson-Jones

Fungus. Photo by Sandra Anna Muir

Sand Hill Cranes, Westmeath. Photo by Cheryl Keetch

Giant Swallowtail. Photo by Kay Heasman McGlennon

White-tail Deer. Photo by Lynn Jones