Mapping Tools

  • Renfrew County GIS - an awesome tool for finding out more about the human and physical geography of Renfrew County including lakes, watersheds, wetlands, and special natural areas

  • Google Map - Ottawa River Institute has created this special google map of natural areas in Renfrew County; click on any pin for information about the site

  • Ontario Crown Land Use Policy Atlas - verbal descriptions of the crown land areas designated for conservation and a Map Browser

  • Land Information Ontario - more information on lakes, rivers, watersheds and other natural features including soil and drainage properties

  • Manitou map

Species Identification Tools

  • Renfrew County Biotabase - species checklists and seasonal bar charts for Renfrew County species

  • Pembroke Area Field Naturalists - resources for identification of popular groups such as birds, butterflies, dragonflies, plants, reptiles and amphibians

  • Video series created by Ottawa River Institute, Bonnechere River Watershed Project and the Pembroke Area Field Naturalists - our local experts share birding stories and tips for identifying owls, sparrows, winter birds, spring birds, fall birds and much more. Check them out!

  • Ontario Natural Heritage Information Centre - this was the source of species lists for the Renfrew County Biotabase; it also contains more detailed information about the species found in Renfrew County's natural areas (works best with Internet Explorer)

  • ROM's Explore Ontario's Biodiversity website. Create your own field guides to common birds, amphibians and fish of Renfrew County

  • Ontario Parks Blog

Planning and Evaluation Tools

  • Wetland Evaluation System manuals: (MNR 2013)

Southern Ontario and Northern Ontario

These brand new manuals illustrate the value and importance of REnfrew County's many provincially significant wetlands. They help inform your field visits and increase your knowledge of what you may see when you visit.


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