Impressions- Bonnechere River Provincial Park

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Submitted by: glenn fordon 0000-00-00

We put in at Stringer Lake as a local told us there were a lot of beaver dams on the stretch down from Basin Lake. It was an easy paddle with following winds and we were done in 8 1/2 hours. Quaques Chutes are a challenge and should not be run without checking them out thoroughly. We made two portages in the stretch as the water was betwwen shooting the rapids and walking the canoe through. The portages are not marked but the residents warned us and showed us the way. Thanks to them.

Submitted by: Phaedra on 2012-05-24

We did this trip on the May Long Weekend of 2012. We put in at Couchain Lake since the park told us that anything before that was impassable - likely due to beaver dams that no one had broken through lately. This was a great paddle going with the current and ended up being 25 km in total. The lakes are relatively shallow, and there is lots of habitation on them. The fun started at the end of Stevenson Lake. There are chutes there, some of which can be paddled down (although expect a few scrapes), and one that should not be paddled. I ended up wading my boat down the side of it - navigating the rocks and getting very wet. There are about 3 or 4 chutes in total, the last one ending over a long, shallow pile of rocks. After that, it's generally a smooth paddle to Round Lake. The river is just the right size and the current was noticable, however my complaint is it felt too much like a civilized area for a weekend back woods camping trip.

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