Impressions - Hubert Property

The 314-ha Hubert Property, an area of life science significance in Site District 6E-16, was acquired by the Province in 1972. It is a mixed forest of hardwoods and conifers with some hybrid poplar plantations. Bitternut hickory, butternut and bur oak also grow there, at the northern end of their range. It is a fairly flat site, located on ground moraine deposits. As one of few publicly owned forests in the Site District, the property has been of interest to researchers interested in forest ecosystems in this part of the Ottawa Valley. The site is now home to forest research plots, acid rain studies and studies of poplar growth, forest soil-vegetation interactions and forest growth and yield. Future planning and resource management on this site will protect special life science natural heritage values, while permitting compatible forest management activities and traditional Crown land uses such as research and recreational activities.