Bonnechere River Watershed

The Bonnechere River travels 145 km from its source in Algonquin Park to the Ottawa River at Castleford. It drains an area nearly half the size of Prince Edward Island. The Bonnechere River watershed, the area of land and water that drains into the Bonnechere River, includes productive farmland, substantial forests, and scenic landscapes. The river course includes two large lakes and long calm stretches, with intermittent rapids and waterfalls. Historically, log drivers built log chutes around these obstacles. Later, hydroelectric dams were built at some of these locations. The term ‘chute’ is still widely used around the Bonnechere to refer to major rapids and waterfalls. As you travel around the Bonnechere River watershed you may hear references to ‘chutes’, numbered from the ‘First Chute’ near the mouth of the river, and upriver to the ‘Fifth Chute’ in Eganville.